4S3Energy - Kodsan Accumulation & Buffer Tanks

4S3 Energy Kodsan Hot Water Storage Tanks are clear leaders when it comes to thermal water storage. Our tanks are purpose designed to act as a multiple source central hot water storage bank for simple to complex back burning stoves, multi fuel boilers, wood gasication, wood pellet, solar water, solar electric (PV) and other water heat sources. The4S3 Kodsan Hot Water Storage Tanks distributes the heat to where it is needed, when it is needed and most importantly stored in a tank where heat loss is less than 2% in a 24 hour period. This is possible due to high U value hard and soft polyurethane PU insulation.

Our Hot Water Storage tanks come in a range of sizes and shapes (including horizontal)
from 100 litres up to 3000 Litres.

Forestry Energy Ltd. Ireland is the low cost, high quality renewable energy and insulationprovider. We supply and install renewable energy systems and integrate existing systemsbto substantially increase energy eficiency and most importantly reduce heating costsfor our customers.

Our Hot Water Storage Tanks are manufactured in Turkey and compliant with all EU standards and regulations as well as German Standards.

We provide single storage or accumulation tanks, multi tanks with tank in tank, including single, double and treble serpentine water coils. Our tank selection is designed to meet the identied needs of our Irish and UK customers.