4S3Energy - Chimney & Flue Systems

4S3 Energy Mitanox twin wall ues are a double skinned stainless steel ue system designed for wood burning, wood gasication, wood pellet, heat log, multi fuel heating and high temperature oil systems.

Our twin wall ues comply with the highest German, EU and Irish standards and regulations. In addition our mounting and locking bands are designed to withstand gale force winds & storm conditions.

The twin wall liner collection consists of double wall ues. The inner ues are manufactured from 316L-2B quality material; and the outer ue is manuafactured from two dierent materials 304 BA Stainless Steel and 304BA Galvanised stainless steel.

The rock wool that is used as insulation is the highest quality non-ammable material used in ue systems. The rockwool is inserted in block forms between the two ues (25 – 30 – 50 – 70 mm thickness).
The liner system is fully sealed against any leakages and can withstand temperatures up to 600° C.