Solid fuel fired systems are good solutions for the locations where natural gas is not available and oil is an expensive option.

These are highly efficient, reliable and economical products offering easy operation for everyone. User should only load and ignite the fuel daily and the boiler itself regulates combustion until the fuel is completely burned.

This product has a “buffle-plate heat exchanger®” system unlike traditional fire tube versions. Heat generated in the combustion chamber performs 4passes in system for before reaching chimney. This unique system offers easy cleaning and maintenance for it is well known for solid fuel systems as the most difficult part is the cleaning.


Special grate:

design for maximum fuel & air mixture.

Cover jackets:

Easy assembling & de-assembling. Quality paint (COLORCOAT®)


Adjustment lever allows precise flue gas setting thus attaining maximum efficiency by capacity.


Automated weldings. Leak free; %100 hydrolic tested.


Limit thermostat for overheating situations.


An ash tray and externally actuated movable grates allows ease of ash removing & cleaning.


Coal, wood, pellet, chip wood* or any other non-petroleum products could be used as fuel. Ideal for detached residentials, like villas.

Optional Automated fuel feed system:

Optional Digital control panel allows digital display of temperature(1/100 sensitivity), digital adjustment of all components including blower speed, thermostat, pump. Precise thermostat allows fine tuning of desired heating. An additional thermostat** for detection of fire go-outs and then cuts fuel feed.

* for fuel options please contact us.
** For auto-feed models only.