OG Series Boiler Range 15kw -100kw

The New Generation OG solid wood gasification burners were developed in conjunction with Forestry Energy Ireland Ltd. It is presently the only solid wood burning system designed specifically for Irish and UK climatic conditions. It eliminates the problems with high humidity, poor ignition, ashe removal and overheating through a unique instant cooling heat exchanger safety valve (Patent: PCT/IB2012/054583).

The system is designed and certified to meet and exceed the highest German and EU standards and regulations. It meets the highest health and safety requirements including burner over heating protection, containment of any smoke, gas or any other leakages.

Cost savings are clear - 1000 Litres of oil is equal to 2.25 tonnes hard wood or 2.5 tonnes of softwood. Benefits – carbon neutral home heating, dramatic savings, employment, environmentally sustainable and easy to operate.

“We are the Low Cost Energy Provider”.

Technical Specifications

New OG Series Features

*High efficiency > 92 % net.
*Low emissions < 250 mg/m3 CO & 15 mg/m3 dust.
*Well below most strict European Directives.
*Perfect combustion and burn out.
*Completely insulated secondary combustion chamber.
*Large and easy to use wood refill door.
*Spacious wood loading volume.
*Controlled primary and secondary combustion air.*Functional and user friendly control panel.
*Speed controlled modulating induced draft fan.
*Vertically placed heat exchanger tubes.
*Easy cleaning and servicing.
*Long service life with robust structure.
*Interior negative pressure ensures safety.
*Extra safety with replacable “safety instant cooling heat  exchanger”.