Caria Series New Generation Wood Pellet Fired Boilers

Caria series wood pellet fired boilers come with a two year warranty including a five year warranty on the boiler chamber. Our wood pellet fired boilers are sold throughout Europe with in excess of 3000 units sold annually.

Arikazan Steel Boilers are in compliance with world norms and standards like CE, ISO, TSE, ISCIR-Cs, GOST certificates for safety, capacity and efficiency ratings.

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Compared to other wood pellet fired boilers, the cleaning requirements of Caria boilers have been significantly reduced. In principle there can be several weeks between emptying the ashe drawer due to the built in screw feeder which periodically carries all ashe waste to the external detachable

Benefits of complete Caria Pellet System

  • Automatic and quick ignition
  • Automatic cleaning of boiler tubes and grates
  • Automatic ashe removal
  • Automatic pellet /bio mass fuel air ratio control
  • Modulated electronic burn management system
  • Insulated external fuel hopper

Caria Pellet Models

CP 12 KW – Cottage
CP 23 KW – Bungalow
CP 40 KW – Two Storey
CP 60 KW – Small Hotel
CP 80 KW -  Medium Hotel
CP 100 KW - School / Sports Complex / Group Housing etc.

Technical Specifications